Good maintenance and servicing will help prolong the lifespan of woodworking machinery.

Taking a recommended two services a year can help identify problems before they become breakdown’s.

Mechanical and Pneumatic Repairs are very common repairs for all models of woodworking machines.

Glue Pot Glue Pot Glue Pot

We carry out electrical repairs on all makes and models of machinery from small joinery shop machines up to high production CNC routers.

Electrical Service Electrical Service Electrical Service
Replacing bearings on a spindle moulder, panle saw, wide belt sander, etc. are our priority to keep your business running.
Mechanical Service Mechanical Service Mecanical Service
Our service technician will get to know your business and how you use the machinery and can make recommendations for increased efficiencies as well as identifying when new parts are required thus ensuring breakdowns to do occur. Mechanical service
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