Teflon Teflon® dry film spray for deposition onto metallic and non-metallic surfaces. The white non-toxic odourless film provides a lubricating medium with very low frictional properties. Suitable for electro spindles, HSK tool holder, ER32, ER20 chucks.
High performance lubricant. Suitable for metal cutting applications.
Lubricant Pyrocut X-2 is a fully synthetic, high-performance lubricant for use on circular and band sawing applications in aluminium for billet casting and extrusion operations. Also suitable for general machining and fabrication processes. For best results, use of an airless sprayer, mister, pad, drip or roller coater is recommended to provide a controlled application for improved economy.
Lubricant High performance fluid. Suitable for aluminium CNC machines.
High temperature grease with melting point up to 260 C. Suitable for edgebander's glue pots
Lubricant General purpuse grease. Suitable for linear bearings, lead screws on CNC machines.
Lubricant High speed grease. Suitable for drill heads on CNC machines.


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